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Research and Service

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Motivity Injection

        Xuchuan Chemical (Suzhou) Co.Ltd More than 3% of the annual sales revenue for research and development. As the company's sales performance continues to increase, R & D investment is also increasing. Continuous R & D investment for the company's operating results of the stable, rapid growth has injected a source of power.



        R & D center is equipped with domestic first-class laboratory facilities and testing instruments including: Thermo Fishergong scientific GPC Pekin Elmer, the company's DSC, ABB's NIR, FEI, SEM, SHIMADZU, GC, viscometer, wear tester, pressure resistance tester, UV yellowing resistance and UV resistance testing instrument yellowing detection monitor, abrasion machine, Martin Dyer at room temperature bending tester, friction tester, decolorization of high-speed hydraulic flat printing machine, elastomer casting machine, peeling strength tester, micro melting point tester, UV spectrophotometer, ultrasonic cleaning machine, cone plate viscometer, constant temperature and humidity meter, softening point determination the textile instrument, moisture permeability tester, permeability coefficient tester and other advanced testing equipment.

        R & D center has its own independent synthesis in the test room, equipped with more than and 30 reactors (specifications: 500Kg-3 tons).

        In addition, the R & D center is also equipped with dry PU leather in the test line, wet PU leather in the test line, super fiber leather in the test line, no solvent PU leather in the test line, etc..

        Xuchuan Chemical (Suzhou) Co.Ltd Adhering to the development concept of technological innovation, R & D center currently has 90 professionals, 2 of whom have a doctorate (1 people, 20 of returnees Dr.) who have a master's degree, the formation of a high level of technology, rich experience, reasonable structure of talent team, and laid a solid foundation for the product to carry out technological innovation and the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.

        Xuchuan Chemical (Suzhou) Co.Ltd has formed a research and development of innovative research, process development, project formulation and product application development, the completion of the provincial polyurethane Engineering Technology Research Center, enterprise technology center, postdoctoral innovation base, innovation platform.

        With the world top 500 enterprises jointly set up a "bio based environmental protection materials development and application laboratory".

        With the famous University of China Southeast University joint establishment of provincial graduate school.



         Xuchuan Chemical (Suzhou) Co.Ltd has 30 patents, which authorized 17; apply for provincial high-tech products 14, the provincial new products, new technology 3, the major provincial patent application project 2, provincial patent 2 new products; undertake national torch project independently;

        Xuchuan Chemical (Suzhou) Co.Ltd with domestic famous university Ocean University of China joint research and development, National 863 project of marine antifouling paint of DDT substitutes and alternative technology development "project; in cooperation with the Southeast University, undertake major achievements transfer projects in Jiangsu province;


    Cumulative application for invention patents 30


    Apply for provincial high and new technology products 14


    Provincial new products, new technology 3; provincial major patent application projects 2 provincial patent new products 2

Apply for invention patents:

  • Water resistant polyurethane resin for garment synthetic leather and preparation method and application thereof

  • Hydrolysis resistant polyester polyol and preparation method thereof

  • Super soft polyurethane resin and preparation method and application thereof

  • The surface layer of polyurethane resin and preparation method of shoe leather

  • Polyurethane resin for artificial leather

  • Polyurethane resin for waterproof breathable garment leather


Support and service


Technical Support

        Xuchuan Chemical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd With the famous University of China, Southeast University, Ocean University of China and other universities, the introduction of external experts to provide a strong technical support for the company;

        Xuchuan Chemical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd With the world's top 500 enterprises such as BASF, Henkel, DuPont to maintain close relations of cooperation, the establishment of a joint research laboratory, absorbing foreign advanced technology;

        Xuchuan Chemical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd has good working relationship with suppliers, share the technical and innovation achievements, accelerate the development speed and shorten the period of product development;

        Xuchuan Chemical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd With downstream customers signed a product development and use agreement, according to customer requirements for product customization;


After-sale Service

       Xuchuan Chemical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd has professional customer service service, have rich experience in customer service service engineer, from the system and the quality of personnel to ensure customer service service; establish customer files, timely by telephone, exhibition and other exchanges to investigate customer service service products; professional and technical engineers to come to visit, guide the proper use of products.

        Our service aim: fast, accurate and thorough.

        Our service objectives: service quality to win customer satisfaction.